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TRIOO app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 7760 ratings )
Music Games Action Arcade
Developer: Lemon Jam Technology Co., Ltd.
Current version: 1.1.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 30 Oct 2014
App size: 44.06 Mb

Keep the balls flying! Can you survive the tests?
TRIOO is a game to test your reflex. It’s simple and challenging. Tap the right place to move the block when the bouncing ball drop down. Keep the bouncing balls in the air.

It’s easy to play but tricky to master. Get the highest score among your friends!

-80 Levels in Challenge Mode
-Endless Mode to test your true skill
-4 Kinds of power-ups to help you
-Beautiful design and audio

Pros and cons of TRIOO app for iPhone and iPad

TRIOO app good for

Very food logic game, long time did not seen smth. like that in the appstore, Bravo!
Its fun and at times really challenging. The ads are displayed a bit too often but its free so no complain. :)
Fun game but plz make it harder cause the levels r SOOOOOOOO easy!!!
The art style of the game is beautiful, and the gameplay is fluent and challenging. I love it. It could not be more perfect.
The game is really funny. Spent a lot of time tapping. Need much moar levels and more endless mods including super hardcore mode!

Some bad moments

UI really cool but the handling was so bad i instantly deleted the game
Well, I thought it was not bad until my 8 year old boy was playing and a pornographic ad came up. Disgusting. Please use some discretion in who can advertise on a kids game. Offended Dad.
I have 0 clue what this thingy is rated.p-g?ohoh!i want to be the lion!RAAAA!
At first I thought the game was boring but after a while I really started to enjoy it. It starts off very easy but once you play on it actually gets really challenging (not to the point of being unfair). The visuals are simple yet appealing and the music sting during the game is very nice reminding me of Christmas. Overall a simplistic yet fun game 7/10. Would recommend
I understand putting ads in free games, but it drives me crazy when they put the ads over in-game buttons to trick you into accidentally clicking the ads. Not cool.
Ill give you 5 stars when let me remove the helper. It get me confused

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